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Activity: Foiling Under Sail

Date: 6-25-21

I enjoyed a day of ripping across San Diego’s Mission Bay with my friend Dan Ketterman on Trifoiler. Trifoiler was part of a breakthrough technology back a couple decades or so ago, which is now quite popular at the highest levels of sailing such as the last several America’s Cups, and Sail GP with the big foiling cats, and the last Cup with the large foiling monohull.

The Moth sailboat is an competitive class of small monohulls that has been foiling for awhile and one of my friends, Matt Struble, is a champion on that boat. Matt has multiple sailing titles on each of the following: North American Championships on the Moth, as well as US Sailing Alter Cup Championships, and Ice Boat National Championships. As a matter of a fact, Matt has what I will call a hat trick. One year on the DN Iceboat winning not only the NAs, but the European Championship and the Worlds!

My friend Pete Melvin, (We won US Sailing’s Multihull National Championship the Alter Cup together), is not only a World Champion Sailor, an Olympian, has more championship titles than he can probably remember, but is a famous multihull designer for all sizes of multihull boats, designing some of the Hobie Cats, Nacras, A-Cats, the record breaking giant cat ‘Play Station’, and was part of the design team for New Zealand in one of the past America’s Cups for the large foiling cats, amongst other projects. Pete also wrote the design rule for the America’s Cup for that event. He designed the Nacra 17, which is used today in the Olympics.

I had a chance to sail the Nacra 17 with my friend Teri McKenna in the Virgin Islands before the boat was full foiling. Pete let me sail on the Carbon Nacra Full Foiling 20 when it first arrived in California. Pretty sure that was the fastest I have ever sailed, but now that I have been on Trifoiler I am not so sure…

Foiling sure is cool and it is catching on with kite boards and even surfboards. In the video of Trifoiler you will see a foiling kite board cutting across in the background.

This is Trifoiler. Just what is it you might ask? Is is a sailboard, is it a sailboat? It is a Rocket Ship and still holds a speed record.
Be sure to check out my video of Trifoiler on my PBTA YouTube Channel. It rips!!!
Here is my friend, multi titlest , Matt Struble sailing his Moth foiling sailboat with others.
I got to be one of the first in CA to sail this Foiling Carbon Nacra 20 designed by my friend Pete Melvin.
Here is a shot of one of my sailing friends, Riley Gibbs, who represented the USA in the resent Olympics on the Foiling Nacra 17.
“I wanted freedom, open air and adventure. I found it on the sea.” – Alaine Gerbault

Thanks for joining myself and my Hobie friend, Dan Ketterman, as we were “Pursuing Balance Through Adventure“. Zipping across Mission Bay under sail, naturally using the breeze and very little wetted surface is fast, really FAST! For more sailing adventures stayed tuned you can do this by following these simple tasks: LIKE, COMMENT, FOLLOW and SHARE. If you like Hiking, Back Packing and other experiences in nature than I invite you to checkout the menu above. Each listing is a separate website and thus needs to be FOLLOWED independently. If you sail on Trifoiler with a hat such as the one in the picture there is a good chance it will blow off. If it does go to SHOP APPAREL where I got you covered with top quality adventure wear with the logo and mantra proudly displayed. I will sign off with the first rule of sailing as taught to me by my dear family friend, the late great Rear Admiral Robert Quackenbush Jr. US Navy.

Never Spit to Windward,

Roger Jenkins

Pursuing Balance Through Adventure